Retrofit Heat Pump at 165 Legion Road North in Etobicoke

Investigation of Previous Heat Pump Issues in
Etobicoke Building

Our customer reached out to Unilux RHP because his two heat pumps broke down at 165 Legion Road North in Etobicoke during the worst heat wave of the summer! With temperatures at 30°C outside, the lack of cooling in our customer’s suite made it incredibly uncomfortable to live in. 

Our customer searched for options to get his heat pump replaced and got quotes from competitors. He saw our Unilux RHP video in his elevator and reached out to our team to find out more. We were not surprised when this customer chose Unilux RHP over the other options!

Image of 165 Legion Road Building

Why They Chose Unilux RHP

The customers at 165 Legion Road North liked Unilux RHP’s whisper-quiet heat pump solutions over others. He liked that our Unilux RHP heat pumps were manufactured by us – right down the street!

This customer was impressed by Unilux RHP’s 5-point quality inspection on every heat pump we manufacture. He liked knowing that before our Unilux RHP labels are put on any of our heat pump units, they pass all our diligent testing to meet our highest quality standards. 

Another driving factor for this resident to choose Unilux RHP was our team’s responsiveness and willingness to address his issues and prioritize his needs by quickly restoring his comfort in a heat wave! The customer also appreciated the universality of our Unilux RHP unit because, in case of repairs, it meant our heat pumps could be serviced by anyone.

Illustration of residents celebrating on couch because of a successful heat pump installation
Image of a repair man fixing a heat pump illustration

Replacing Broken Heat Pumps in Etobicoke Building

Our team went to the Etobicoke building for an inspection. Upon our investigation, we learned that the heat pumps in the building were fairly young. The original Whalen heat pump units were only 8 years old, but already failing! The original heat pumps were a 0.75 ton and 1 ton located in the customer’s primary bedroom and living room; both were not producing cold air… in plus 30°C weather. 

The inspection confirmed that our Unilux RHP universal chassis would be a perfect fit for the customer at 165 Legion Road North. Our Unilux RHP team was able to complete the installation process in less than 36 hours after meeting our customer. 

The customer’s home had a Roger Smart Home thermostat. Our team is very experienced in wiring our heat pumps to different brands of thermostats and this was no exception. Unilux RHP heat pumps were very compatible operating with the Roger Smart Home thermostat systems.

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Restored Comfort with Unilux RHP Retrofit Heat Pump

Despite being in the worst heat wave of the summer, our Unilux RHP team was responsive, efficient, and willing to get the job done fast to restore the resident’s home comfort. The customer was very appreciative of our highly skilled team who was able to address any concerns, answer all questions and educate the resident on his replacement heat pump unit. 

With this expertise, the resident now has peace of mind knowing the Unilux RHP team has the solutions he needs to breathe cleaner air and have peace of mind with our 2-year parts and labour warranty. If any part of his two new heat pumps needs repair, the resident will pay nothing to receive his repair!

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Book Your Own Heat Pump Replacement

At Unilux RHP, our online booking portal provides an easy and efficient way for our customers to book their own heat pump replacement for all failing and aging systems. Heat pumps can be replaced in under 48 hours. Our professional and skilled installers take under 3 hours to install your heat pump with minimal impact on you. Unilux RHP’s online portal is easy to use, making whisper-quiet comfort only a click away! Enjoy living pleasantly in your suite like the residents on 165 Legion Road with a reliable, quality heat pump that maximizes your comfort.

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