Retrofit Heat Pump in Toronto (25 Scrivener Square)

Examination of the Heat Pump in Downtown Toronto Building

The project started with our sales team identifying 25 Scrivener Square as an aging condominium that was in a drastic need for a heat pump retrofit. With our sales team’s relationship with the property manager, Unilux RHP visited the building to understand the heat pump issues. Due to the age of the building and heat pumps that dated back to 2004, the building was experiencing a high failure rate.



Image of 25 Scrivener Square building

Failing Original Heat Pump

Resident’s old Enerzone heat pumps were failing, and the noise was unbearable for residents who desired a restful and quiet home. Homeowners decided to replace units and researched and approved Omega and Thermacool heat pumps to replace the Enerzone heat pumps. Yet, these replacement units also started failing and were incredibly noisy. When our Unilux RHP team came to this building, to prove our HVAC solutions was the best and that we were the quietest heat pump option, we installed our heat pump . After displaying our heat pumps to the building, the property manager and the board fell in love with our product. The Unilux RHP heat pump was quieter than their previous vendor and we became their new vendor of choice! Our whisper-quiet heat pumps were the solution that their residents needed. The board loved our product so much, they recommended Unilux RHP to all the residents. Our Unilux RHP team was contacted for heat pump replacements by several homeowners.

We were happy to give them back their home comfort with our superior quality HVAC solutions.

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Heat Pump Replacement

The residents at 25 Scrivener Square reached out to our Unilux RHP team to get their failing and noisy heat pumps replaced. Additionally, the majority of residents chose to install a new Universe Thermostat with their heat pump replacement. The Universe Thermostat is our smart thermostat for heat pumps, which enables residents to have full control over their heat pump settings. Our team replaced 6 units, with each unit taking under 3 hours to install our universal chassis. We were careful and respectful in each suite while ensuring not to disturb the other tenants. Residents did not experience much heating or cooling downtime and the installation was a smooth process.

Residents did not experience much heating or cooling downtime and the installation was a smooth process.

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Universe Thermostat for Heat Pumps

The Universe Thermostat is a smart thermostat for fan coils and heat pumps. With a sleek look and advanced features to work seamlessly with your heat pump and control your settings from your phone, computer or Google Home and Amazon Alexa products, the Universe Thermostat allows you to simplify the way you manage your comfort.

The Universe App allows you to control settings like temperature, fan speed, programs wherever and whenever with a click-away!

Customers Living Comfortably With A New Heat Pump

All the homeowners are now living comfortably in their suites with their new equipment and enjoying their whisper-quiet heating and air conditioning systems. Residents and the property manager were happy with our team’s installation process and heat pump knowledge. Our team was able to address any concerns, answer all questions and educate each resident on their replacement heat pump unit. With this expertise, residents now have peace of mind knowing the Unilux RHP team has the solutions they need to breathe cleaner air and live-in whisper-quiet comfort. 

These customers also loved our 2-year parts and labour warranty that further eases their minds for years to come.

Illustration of residents celebrating on couch because of a successful heat pump installation
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Book Your Own Heat Pump Replacement

At Unilux RHP, our online booking portal provides an easy and efficient way for our customers to book their own heat pump replacement for all failing and aging systems. Heat pumps can be replaced quickly, as our professional and skilled installers take under 3 hours to install your heat pump with minimal impact on you. Unilux RHP’s online portal is easy to use, making whisper-quiet comfort only a click away! Enjoy living pleasantly in your suite like the residents on Scrivener Square with a reliable, quality heat pump that maximizes your comfort.