Toronto Heat Pump Retrofit at 88 Grandview Way

Investigation of Original Heat Pump in Downtown Toronto Building

The project started with a resident at 88 Grandview Way calling our Unilux RHP team with an urgent need to stop her leaking heat pump. When our team arrived, we noticed the problem was much bigger than merely a leak, the whole heat pump unit had stopped working. The heat pumps at 88 Grandview Way had been in use since the 90s and were running into several issues as they had been in use for over 20 years! These heat pumps efficiency had severely declined, and our retrofit heat pump was the solution this building was looking for.

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Performance Issues with the Original Heat Pump

The resident’s comfort had been dramatically impacted because of her leaking heat pump. Her old Whalen hybrid cabinet heat pump only provided air conditioning with a hot water coil running on a water loop that came out of the suite’s combination hot water tank. The unit had completely broken down, making it uncomfortably hot to live in the suite.

Our primary customer wasn’t the only one facing issues. The problem of broken-down heat pumps was common at 88 Grandview Way. After the completion of the first heat pump replacement several condo owners contacted our Unilux RHP team, and we were happy to help improve their home comfort with new heat pumps.

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Replacing the Old Heat Pump in Toronto

Our skilled Unilux RHP team came to the resident’s suite to replace her heat pump and restore her comfort. We replaced her old chassis with our universal chassis modified for AC only by removing the 4-way reversing valve. We also replaced her hot water coil and the domestic hot water circulation pumps in this building to ensure the problem of leaking pipes did not occur again. 

Our team worked very promptly, taking under 3 hours to install our universal chassis. We were careful and respectful in her suite and ensured not to disturb the other tenants. The resident did not experience much cooling downtime and the installation was a smooth process.

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Customer Enjoys Her New Heat Pump

After our heat pump installation, the homeowner was thrilled to have her air conditioning working again! She is now enjoying her whisper-quiet comfort and breathing cleaner air with her new equipment. Before leaving the resident’s suite, our team addressed all concerns, answered all questions, and educated her on the replacement heat pump unit. With this new expertise and understanding of her unit, she also gained peace of mind knowing the Unilux RHP team has the solutions she needs to gain back her comfort. 

The resident also loved our 2-year parts and labour warranty that provided protection for her new heat pump. If any part of the heat pump needed repair, this warranty meant that she would pay nothing to receive her repair! 

The resident was so happy with her new installation and spread the word. Now, our team has more replacements to do at 88 Grandview Way! This job is a perfect example of how Unilux RHP’s team can restore resident comfort and inspire other residents to not settle for anything less by getting a heat pump replacement. At Unilux RHP, we take care of our customers and ensure their satisfaction before we leave.

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At Unilux RHP, our online booking portal provides an easy and efficient way for our customers to book their own heat pump replacement for all failing and aging systems. Heat pumps can be replaced in under 48 hours. Our professional and skilled installers take under 3 hours to install your heat pump with minimal impact on you. Unilux RHP’s online portal is easy to use, making whisper-quiet comfort only a click away! Enjoy living pleasantly in your suite like the residents on Grandview Way with a reliable, quality heat pump that maximizes your comfort.

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