Multi-Unit Heat Pump Retrofit Project at Harmon Cove

Identifying Building in New Jersey

Our Unilux VHP team identified Harmon Cove as an aging condo likely in need of heat pump retrofitting. This was because heat pumps at Harmon Cove were over 40 years old – way past their useful life!

Meeting the Team

We met the property manager to discuss our superior heat pump replacement solutions. We also met the chief engineer who said their residents were running into several issues with their heat pumps. Common issues with the original heat pumps included drain pan overflow, broken down motor, leaks and flood. Other issues included: noisy equipment with limited air flow, and constant break down of units. Our whisper-quiet retrofit heat pumps were the solution that residents at Harmon Cove needed.

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Meeting with The Condominium Board of Directors

Our Unilux VHP team met with board of directors at Harmon Cove to present our retrofit heat pump solution. The board was considering going with another company that had been in the building for 20 years and Unilux VHP was only an alternative but after this meeting we soon became the vendor of choice! 

The board was impressed by how our Unilux VHP heat pumps are manufactured with new ECM motor/blower and new controls. These new controls are equipped with advanced heat pump diagnostic technologies, allowing service technicians to plug into the control board and use either our heat pump data extractor or heat pump data logger for fast and effective on-site diagnosis of heat pump issues.

The old heat pumps at Harmon Cove also used r22 refrigerant, instead of the r410a refrigerant that is used in all Unilux VHP heat pumps. The Environmental Protection Agency has limited the use and banned the production of r22 refrigerant because it depletes the ozone in the atmosphere and is not environmentally friendly. Due to this, heat pumps that use r22 refrigerant are very expensive to keep running because the supply is finite and only reclaimed r22 refrigerant can be used. The service offerings for r22 refrigerant heat pumps have also declined. The board liked that Unilux VHP uses approved r410a refrigerant, which is readily available,  environmentally friendly and easier to service.. 

It’s clear our Unilux VHP heat pumps are not just a band aid to all the original heat pump problems, but a full system retrofit. The board was agreed with our team that our product was the solution their residents needed to restore their comfort.

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Putting in a Demo Heat Pump

To prove our replacement heat pump solutions was the best and that we were the answer the residents at Harmon Cove needed, we installed a demo heat pump in a vacant suite. The property manager and chief engineer were really impressed with our courteous installation team and our vast knowledge of heat pump operations. After displaying our heat pumps to the building, the property manager and the board fell further in love with our product. They were impressed by the quietness of the unit and the quality of the components used. 

Reaching Out to Residents

We got the approval to send out a promotion to the residents at Harmon Cove. The property manager also sent a mass email to all the residents encouraging residents to attend our presentation online and upgrade to our heat pumps. Our Unilux VHP team hosted a presentation where we explained our retrofit heat pump solutions and spent an hour answering 100 questions! Part of the email and presentation also included details to book residents own heat pump replacement on our website. Several residents reached out to us for their heat pump replacement, restoring their comfort with a brand-new heat pump!

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Heat Pump Installation at Harmon Cove Towers

Our team performed over 100 heat pump replacements to date and counting! Their old heat pumps that were over 40 years old were not allowing these residents to enjoy their home comfort and trusted us to get it back. This project was so large our engineering team manufactured specific chassis to fit the cabinet measurements for Harmon Cove. Our design expertise insured that each heat pump fit perfectly in all residents’ suites. Unilux Universe Thermostat was also included in all retrofit heat pump installs!

Residents Enjoy their Heat Pump and Renewed Home Comfort

After our heat pump installation, the homeowners were thrilled to have new heat pumps! They are now living in whisper-quiet comfort and breathing cleaner air with peace of mind that our 2-year parts and labour warranty provides. If any part of the heat pump needed repair, residents would pay nothing to receive their repair! With more replacements on their way to Harmon Cove, this project is a perfect example of how our retrofit heat pump solutions are in great demand for aging condominiums and how our heat pumps can dramatically improve the home comfort of residents.

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Book Your Own Heat Pump Replacement

At Unilux RHP, our online booking services portal provides an easy and efficient way for our customers to book their own heat pump replacement for all failing and aging systems. Heat pumps can be replaced in under 48 hours. Our professional and skilled installers take under 3 hours to install your heat pump with minimal impact on you. Unilux RHP’s online portal is easy to use, making whisper-quiet comfort only a click away! Enjoy living pleasantly in your suite like the residents in Harmon Cove with a reliable, quality heat pump that maximizes your comfort.

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