Choose a Heat Pump Replacement, not a Heat Pump Repair

Don’t Waste Your Time and Money on Repair – Replace Your Heat Pump

Imagine this. You have a 40-year-old car and every time you drive it the motor is breaking, the buttons are not operating, and it can be heard from a mile away! 

Now, would you go to the repair shop and only get the windshield wipers fixed? 

No way! That would mean you need to go to the repair shop again, and again creating a Frankenstein car with a mix match of parts that may not even operate together. That is not a gamble you should make with your money. The best solution is to find a new, affordable car that functions properly and is hopefully still under warranty, saving you time and money. This exact same logic applies when you choose to replace your heat pump unit!

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Why Should I Replace My Heat Pump?

Repairing each individual component of a heat pump is the exact same situation as trying to repair a 40-year-old car. It is an expensive and timely process that, in the end, does not improve the overall functionality of your heat pump. Choosing a heat pump replacement allows you to save money by getting a new unit that is guaranteed to operate properly instead of investing in an old heat pump that will continue to fail. 

In most cases replacing a heat pump takes the same amount of time as fixing a single heat pump component. So, we can achieve renewed home comfort in one short visit and prevent repair headaches into the future.

Let’s dive into the benefits of a replacement. The 5 main components/situations that warrant a heat pump replacement if they fail are: the compressor stops working, there are refrigerant leaks, or there is break down of the Reversing Valves, Tx Valve or Dx Coils. 

If the compressor breaks down in your heat pump unit, it is cheaper to have the chassis replaced. On average a compressor can cost $3,000 – $3,500 to replace, around the exact same price as a full heat pump replacement. In a compressor replacement, the chassis is removed and taken to a test bench. Here, the chassis is removed and a new one is braised into the refrigerant side of the system. Then, it is tested and reinstalled to provide maximum comfort. 

Refrigerant leaks are also solved more cost effectively by getting a replacement heat pump. This is because the equipment needed to pinpoint small leaks are expensive and is not something most technicians offer. Older systems that use a R22 refrigerant are also becoming increasingly harder to repair because the gas production has stopped, and its availability is becoming scarce. If a system needs to be changed to a R410, then it is cheaper to replace the chassis. In this scenario, the unit would be taken apart to drain the oil and filled with refrigerant.

To ensure you do not risk your hard-earned money, the Reversing Valves, Tx Valve or Dx Coils are all parts that if broken down warrant a heat pump replacement. This is because if the heat pump is at the end of its useful life, then the cost of any repair should be weighed carefully against the cost of replacing the chassis. If a reversing valve is changed but the compressor is at the end of its useful life span, then the money spent on reversing valve is money lost if the compressor breaks down only a month later. The approximate cost of replacing one of these components is $1,100.

A brand-new retrofit heat pump starts at only $3,975. With this price you receive Unilux RHP’s superior quality retrofit heat pumps, a brand you can trust to be reliable for future years to come. The cherry on top is, even in the rare scenario anything went wrong with your heat pump, our 2-year parts and labour warranty has you covered! It is clear replacements are the best option to save you money and time from more repairs.

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Peace of Mind with our Industry-Leading Heat Pump Warranty

Our Unilux RHP retrofit heat pumps come with a guaranteed 2-year parts and labour warranty. If your heat pump needs a repair in the first 2 years after installation, we will repair it at no cost to you! Let’s be clear, you are not a heat pump technician so let us come repair anything you need for free with our warranty program! Leave it up to our Unilux RHP skilled team to replace your heat pump which increases your energy efficiency, enables you to cut down your costs and gives you ease of mind with our 2-year warranty!

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More Benefits of a Heat Pump Retrofit

Aside from saving you time and money, a heat pump replacement will improve indoor air quality. This is because a replacement will remove 10-14 years of dirt build-up. Your old equipment becomes extremely dirty over time – full of dust, dirt, and contaminants. Retrofitting your heat pump means cleaner air as conditioned air doesn’t get contaminated by the years of built-up filth. Instead, the air passes through a brand new, clean heat pump to supply air into your home. 

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Book Your Own Heat Pump Replacement

At Unilux RHP, our online booking portal provides an easy and efficient way for our customers to book their own heat pump replacement for all failing and aging systems. Heat pumps can be replaced in under 48 hours. Our professional and skilled installers take under 3 hours to install your heat pump with minimal impact on you. Unilux RHP’s online portal is easy to use, making whisper-quiet comfort only a click away! Enjoy living pleasantly in your suite with a reliable, quality heat pump that maximizes your comfort.

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